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Portland Paper Co Colouring Sheet No.1

I always remember half term holidays with fondness. A week off school - what. a. treat. But also - I always remember getting half way through the week, and my sister and I would be complaining about being bored and incessantly asking about what we were going to do with our day.

Most of the time, I could be kept happy with a few pieces of paper, some pencils, a few pens, maybe some glue - whatever was hanging around in the house that I could spend a while turning into something creative. I was lucky that my mum was an art teacher, so she was never short of ideas for what to make or draw, and she was also really keen for us to explore being creative.

I don't know whether nature or nurture turned me into being so creative in my adult life - but I do know that I'll always be grateful for that early opportunity and encouragement.

I've been thinking about how I could help pass that on... so for starters, meet the first Portland Paper Co. colouring sheet! Nothing fancy, and pretty simple; outlines of five different animals (nine if you count the individuals!), ready to print and colour in. I've got penguins on the brain so I've gone for them and some pals - penguins, x-ray fish, a beluga whale, a humpback whale and polar bears.

Sound good? Hope so!

How do you get your hands on it? Click here.

PS - this is definitely not just for kids!

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