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Origami Star Garland tutorial

Make your own origami star garland with me!

These very lovely five-pointed stars are much easier to make than you might think - and very addictive too, once you get going. I thought it would be much too selfish to keep this to myself, so wanted to let you in on the ‘how to’ too. 

All you’ll need is some paper - any paper will do, though obviously I’d suggest choosing one of my wrap designs as the perfect solution (it’s also a really good thickness for folding but I am a little biased) - some scissors, and some nimble fingers. 

If you have access to a printer, you can print this handy pentagon template, to cut your paper to size, or alternatively the video shows you how to make the stars from a square piece of paper. Either way, I’ve got you covered!

It’s much easier to show how to do this in film, rather than explain in words, so without further ado… 

 (I am probably quite speedy at this now, so please pause when you need - don't hurry!)

Top tips:

  • Be as accurate as you can at the start - with cutting out or creating your pentagon - for the best star at the end 
  • Make those folds super sharp! If you’ve got long nails, make the most of them. If you’re a nail-biter, you could use a ruler or something to help get the folds crisp
  • Take your time - you’ll get speedier as you go, but take time to get it right on the first few and you’ll be winning

Don't forget to send me a photo, or tag me on Instagram if you give it a go!

Happy folding!


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