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Positivity Postcards

In the next few weeks, each order - no matter how big or small - will come with a set of five 'Positivity Postcards', made from spare card blanks in the studio, and designed to start spreading a little love in these unprecedented times.

With over 70s, pregnant women and those suffering with ill-health having to stay at home, the risks of loneliness are more real than ever. So let's write! And stay in touch, and spread some positivity... 

Pop a postcard through the door of a neighbour you might not know too well, but you know might be on their own or needing a hand with some shopping. Stick on a stamp and write to your family, your friends, someone you've not seen for a while, an older relative - as long as the Royal Mail keeps going, we can't underestimate what a little piece of post might do for someone's outlook.

Or if you're stuck at home, or struggling with the idea of working from home for weeks or months, perhaps a postcard will remind you to smile, look outside and be hopeful! 

The postcards will be handwritten and will all be different and unique - if there's a particular message you'd like me to include, feel free to leave a note with your order. It's just me, a paintbrush and a pot of ink, so use your imagination!

It goes without saying that I always appreciate every single order - but now more than ever... so I'd like to give something back.

Let's stick together, spread love and be kind. 


3rd April update: I've run out of postcards! Thank you so much for your orders but for now the postcards will take a break - I'll work on a plan to bring them back.



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